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Commercial & Domestic treatments and service programmes for the control of ants, flies, spiders, whitetails, daddy longlegs, cockroaches, carpet beetle, fleas, borer, wasps, mice and rats.

Our technicians are professionals with experience in pest management and are able to accurately control all your pest problems. Our trained technicians are also able to use products that are not available to the general public, which work more effectively for erradicating your pests.

Ant Problems - We are your Local Ant Control Experts

We are ant control specialists and our expertise is second to none. We offer one off treatments or treatments carrying a full written guarantee including 12 month Regular Service Programmes.

With our extensive knowledge of ant behaviour & control we have been the 'Go To' people for ant problems in Wellington for more than 21 years

When it comes to Ants - We are simply The Best


For more information and to talk to a qualified registered technician phone us on (04) 939 0792