About Toyspeed – and How to Join

Toyspeed was formed in October 2000 to cater for the owners and enthusiasts of the vast array of Toyota models, as to meet and mingle, swap ideas, information and stories with liked minded individuals. Toyspeed is an unofficial and informal network of enthusiasts from around New Zealand. The aim is to promote the benefits of collective knowledge, and the enjoyment of owning these unique vehicles. All over New Zealand events are held regularly ranging form informal cruises to organised track days.

Membership is free and open to anyone who owns or loves Toyota's. There are no obligations, however as the success of the network depends on its enthusiastic members, attendance of as many events as possible is strongly encouraged!

All members should read and familiarise themselves with our club rules and disclaimer.

In order to participate with Toyspeed you really need to join our forums – they are online discussion groups that are used to coordinate all of our events and in many respects form the core of our community.

In order to become an "official" club member you must register both a forum login and a Profile on the Toyspeed Profiles Page. Note that the Profiles and the Forums are on two separate systems, so we would ask that you use the same nickname in both locations.

If you have any problems with either the Forums or the Profiles, check out our help page for further assistance.